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Working with your Passion

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Daw Win Mey

"Working with your interest is definitely the most satisfying work one could ever have. "

During the childhood of Daw Win Mey, now 58 years old, she used to play badminton. It’s her past time. When her parents died, she stopped schooling and worked as a daily wage earner in a shuttlecock factory for 15 years to help her family.

When she already raised her own family, Daw Win Mey and her co-worker resigned and started their own shuttlecock making business. Her partner has named their product Pyit Taing Htaung shuttlecock.

When her partner got old and was not able to help manage their business, all the rights of their business was passed unto her.

She is managing this business for a long time and learned how to improve their product.

“Once you know how to play badminton, you will know how to improve the quality of your shuttlecock,” she shared.

She has three classes of shuttlecock depending on its quality.

A three year client of CARD Myanmar Co., Ltd., (CARD), Daw Win Mey commends the products and services of the institution. “They work effectively and accurately. They also give us financial literacy trainings during center meetings,” she said. Today, she has MMK 300,000.00 loan in CARD which she uses in their continuous production.

She is also recommending CARD to her friends because of it truly helps small businesses and because its staff are working professionally.

“I am thankful to CARD for supporting our small business,” she said.

Her children are helping her in the process of making shuttlecocks. She just wanted a small business that she can easily manage and they don’t need to employ.

She hopes that people will someday recognize their brand.

“In everything I do, I do it with all my heart. I am grateful that some people appreciate our products because they last longer than they think,” she shared.


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