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Sustainable microfinance company providing integrated services to low income families contributing to poverty eradication in Myanmar.

ကဒ်မြန်မာ ကုမ္ပဏီလီမိတက်သည် မြန်မာနိုင်ငံအတွင်း ဆင်းရဲနွမ်းပါးမှုတိုက်ဖျက်ရေး အထောက်အကူ ပြုစေရန် ဝင်ငွေနည်းပါးသည့်မိသားစုများကို  အလုံးစုံဝန်ဆောင်မှုပေးနေသည့် ရေရှည်တည်တံ့ခိုင်မာသော အသေးစား ငွေရေးကြေးရေးကုမ္ပဏီတစ်ခုဖြစ်ပါသည် ။



CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED is committed to:
  1. Provide microfinance and integrated services to low income, vulnerable , and disadvantaged people and their families.
  2. Empowerment of staff and clients through capacity building and education programs.
  3. Establish partnership with appropriate funding agencies,private institutions , and people and community organizations to facilitate achievement of mutual goals.
  1. ဝင်ငွေနည်းပါးပြီး ဆင်းရဲနွမ်းပါးသည့်သူများနှင့် ၎င်းတို့၏မိသားစုဝင်များကို အလုံးစုံ အသေးစား ငွေရေးကြေးရေးဝန်ဆောင်မှုပေးအပ်ရန်
  2. စွမ်းဆောင်ရည် မြှင့်တင်ခြင်းနှင့် အသိပညာမျှဝေခြင်းအစီအစဉ်များပြုလုပ်၍ ဝန်ထမ်းနှင့် အသင်းဝင်တို့၏ ဘဝကိုမြှင့်တင်ပေးရန်
  3. ဘုံရည်မှန်းချက်များပြည့်မီစေရန်အလို့ဌာ ၊ ငွေကြေးထောက်ပံ့ရေးအေဂျင်စီများ ၊ ပုဂ္ဂလိက အဖွဲ့အစည်းများ ၊ အများပြည်သူများနှင့် ရပ်ရွာအခြေပြုအဖွဲ့အစည်းများနှင့် မိတ်ဖက်အဖြစ် အပြန်အလှန်ပူးပေါင်းဆောင်ရွက်ရန်
ကဒ်မြန်မာကုမ္ပဏီလီမိတက်အနေဖြင့် -


COMPETENCE.  Believing that excellent products and services for its members come out of competence, CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED keeps raising the work knowledge, skills and values of its staff through continuing formal and informal training and education.  CARD has truly become a learning organization.
FAMILY SPIRIT. CARD builds and nurtures family spirit for a lasting relationship with its employees and members.  More than showing care and endearment and sharing of learning experiences, the staff and members of CARD commits personally to the social and economic development of the members and their families.  This value does not promote protection of employees’ and members’ to the extent of sacrificing honesty and integrity.
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INTEGRITY.  The strength and sustainability of a microfinance business rest on honest and trustworthy operations.  Hence, CARD leaders continuously motivate its staffs and members to be honest in all its dealings by showing themselves as models of honesty and worthy of their trust.  Moreover, it has remained transparent in all the things that it does.
SIMPLICITY.  CARD has chosen to serve the marginalized sector of society, which is characterized by deprivations in nearly all social and economic factors including food, shelter, clothing, job, and education.  Excesses in words and deeds insult and isolate the members.  Hence, CARD staff is expected to show simplicity to everyone, anytime and anywhere.
HUMILITY.  An act of true humility is when CARD staff considers everyone as co-equal and ignores social and economic status in favor of the noble mission of improving the lives of those who have less in life.  Humility is being one with members in spirit and aware of their needs.
EXCELLENCE. The success of CARD is rooted in the ability of its leaders and staff to continuously create, innovate, and challenge the existing paradigm to ultimately assist the socially and economically challenged families improve their lives.  Its continuing effort to be better than its best is captured in its motto “Up to the next level”.
STEWARDSHIP. One important way to achieve sustainability is effective management and judicious use of resources. Resources fuel the organization and hence must be handled with utmost care. Moreover, most of these resources are entrusted to us by our current and future members, staffs, and other stakeholders. CARD should continue to uphold the highest standards of stewardship of financial, human and institutional resources.
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