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The importance of building relationships

Once a businessman will always be a businessman. Ms. Thein Thein Oo, 46 years old, is an owner of a grocery store in Waw District. Before sh

e established her very own grocery store, she was engaged in trading. However, with the growing family that she has, she realized that the income they get from trading is not enough to survive the living.

“My husband and I have five children ages 30, 27, 24 19 and 13 respectively. My eldest and only son together with the next two eldest daughter are already married and the other two are still studying. All in all we are ten in the household. We are engaged in trading fish and crickets which is seasonal. That’s why our family needs to think of a way to generate income on a regular basis.”

Seeing the need for a nearby place where the people can conveniently get their basic needs given that the areas is a bit far from the market, Ms. Thein’s family decided to venture on a grocery store business in 2012. She decided to partner with a friend to start the business with a capital of 3 million in form of stocks/items from her partner from Thailand. She continued selling the items from Thailand until after quite some time, she was able to save money to operate the grocery by herself.

In mind 2017, CARD Myanmar CO., LTD.’s Branch Manager in Waw, Min Thura Win, approached Ms. Thein and shared about the CARD Myanmar’s products and services, as well as the mission of the company. Having the desire for continuous business expansion, she was motivated to join the group in June 2017.</