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The Right Investment

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Daw Kyi Kyi Khing

"Having good education is the right of everyone, a right but still a choice if we want to have it or not."

Daw Kyi Kyi Khing is the second among five siblings. Only one of them finished university. If Daw Kyi Kyi Khing, now 43, will be given a chance to continue her study in the university she would grab it. She wishes to finish Economics because she thinks it could help in growing her business.

After her pre-university, she used to sell vegetables on the road to contribute in paying daily expenses of the family. She was not able to finish studying in a university because she got married early. Her husband’s family has a duck blood business where their current business originated.

Daw Kyi Kyi Khing has five children who are all attending school; two are in the university, and the other three are in 9thgrade, 5th grade, and in primary school. With the good run of their business, they are able to send them all to school. They are generating an income of MMK 70,000 per day, which is enough to provide for the needs of their children.

Like many other businesses, she also experienced some challenges. There are times they experience shortage of laborer causing delayed delivery of orders. Three of her children are already helping in their business whenever they are on vacation. They have seven regular employees who earn MMK 120,000.00 a month. She also provides free meal to them. To address the shortage of laborer, they hire several daily wage earners whom she gives MMK 6,000.00 per day.

Aside from her business, she is also investing in other people’s business like car rental to earn extra profit. With her experience, she learned where to invest that will give her higher return.

She is a client of CARD Myanmar Co., Ltd. (CARD) for three years. Her MMK 380,000.00 present loan in the institution goes to the salary of her workers. Though she needed a bigger capital more than the first loans the institution is providing to its clients, she chooses to stay as a client of CARD.

“I don’t want to quit because of the good relationship I have built with the staff and the institution,” she shared.
When CARD started to operate in their area and formed a center or group of women to help, she became the first center chief of her group. I do it voluntarily. I am just happy that I can help my officers and the other clients of CARD to have financial assistance from the institution,” she said.


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