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Pursuing Growth

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Ma Htat Htat Linn

It is hard to live without your parents’ guidance. Ma Htat Htat Linn stopped schooling when her parents died when she was in 8th grade. She lived with their grandparents with her other sibling. She started trading jewelries after she stopped schooling to help in their daily expenses.

When she got married 15 years ago, they lived in the world’s old but most accepted standard – a husband as the breadwinner and a wife as the light of the home. For seven years, she is a full time wife and a mother to her six-year old daughter.

Her husband worked as a driver delivering raw materials used in cheroot making since he finished his pre-university. He is providing MMK 40,000.00 a week for the family just enough to provide for their daily needs. Ma Htat Htat Linn, 35, thought she is still able and can help her husband while still being a wife and a mother.