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Embracing Success

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Yin Kha

At a young age, Yin Kha already learned to take responsibilities when her father died early and her mother was sick then. She makes and sells rice cakes in the market. Because of their hard situation before, she was not able to finish her school.

She may have a tough experience before but Yin Kha is now the finance manager of their own slippery business.

Yin Kha has two sons. Her eldest son is very much inclined in making slippers. When he learned to make slippers in his pre-university, he turned it as their livelihood. They have been in the business for 15 years now. Her son is in-charge of designing and monitoring the quality of their products while she is managing the financial cash flow of their business.

From their MMK 500,000.00 capital in establishing the business, they are now using MMK 10 million capital for their continuous production. They are distributing their footwear in different footwear shops in Yangon.

They are using the power of social media and website to market their products and reach more of their potential clients.

Their business generated jobs in their community. She has already ten employees.

“When we were just starting, looking for potential clients is a tough job. We have to make a strategy to earn their trust in our footwear products. When we already established a strong relationship with our clients, we make sure that they will continue to be with us,” shared Yin Kha.

They don’t put much interest on their products to retain the good relationship with their clients.

As a businesswoman, she learned to accept criticisms from her clients to raise the quality of their footwear products.

With their existing business, Yin Kha became a client of CARD Myanmar Co., Ltd. (CARD) to grow their business capital. She has been a client of CARD for three years now with MMK 300,000.00 loan. She uses it in their business and she looks forward, having a good performance as a client of CARD, to have a higher loan in the institution in the near future.

Yin Kha is also the center treasurer of their group.

“More than the loan I get from CARD, the relationship I build with my fellow clients and staff is already valuable to continue my membership in CARD,” she said.

Yin Kha is saving to buy a bigger machine that they can use in their business. She also advises her fellow clients to be responsible enough when taking loans.

“They have to stay focused on their business for them to achieve success,” she shared.


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