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Continuing the Legacy

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Daw Thida Myo

Coming from a well-off family, Daw Thida Myo and her four siblings were able to finish their degrees in universities in Myanmar. Their parents were businessmen selling jewelries and slippers and had a cigar making business, which they inherited from their parents.

Daw Thida Myo is a graduate of Bachelors of Law, but she is not able to pursue her profession. Her knowledge in law helps them on how to protect their business. She and her siblings chose to continue the business of their parents. They have different manufacturing areas.

Daw Thida Myo, 43 and single, is staying with her mother at home. Her mother named their cigar brand Loma Shein. She has been managing her place for 15 years. They are distributing the goods in the upper part of Myanmar because the aroma and tastes of their cigar fits the preference of the locals.