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CARD MRI’s humanitarian works knows no race

BAGO, Myanmar, April 17, 2019 – CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) through its microfinance and social development operations in Myanmar, the CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED, took part in providing presents to at least 150 elderly people of PyinNyar Lin Karya Monastery at Phalay Village, Kawa Ward, Bago Division in Myanmar during the country’s New Year celebration.


The initiative is a regular program observed in Myanmar every New Year, which aims to cater both the physical and spiritual needs of the elderly people in the country. This is an initiative open to all elders regardless of class, race, or creed.


The Monastery plays a significant role in making sure that the needs of the elderly people such as food and clothing are met. More than the physical needs, the Monastery also makes every effort to ensure that the final chapter of the lives of these people is spiritually tranquil.


This year’s program is organized by the Myanmar’s Ministry of Planning and Finance headed by Mr. NyuntShwe, the Chief Minister and Financial Regulatory Department represented by its Division’s Deputy Director Ms. MyaMya Moe.


“More than the happiness we’ve seen in the faces of our elders in Myanmar, we at CARD Myanmar are also inspired because of the recognitions given by the Chief Minister of the Ministry of Planning and Finance and Bago Division’s Deputy Director of Financial Regulatory Department,” said CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED General Manager Bengie L. Buenviaje.


“According to them, they are delighted with the actions we have initiated, which contributed to the success of the activity,” he added.


Buenviaje is also thankful to the management of CARD MRI in the Philippines and in Myanmar headed by its Managing Director Josef M. Leron for the strong support to the advocacy.


“These kinds of programs are part of our everyday mission to the socioeconomically challenged families in Myanmar. We have been very active in responding to the needs of our clients, their dependents, and the general public. Our business is not just microfinancing. Our commitment is to end poverty in Myanmar,” said Mr. Leron.


By eradicating poverty, according to Mr. Leron, is providing the people with their needs regardless of gender, age, and race.


CMCL is a subsidiary institution of CARD, Inc. – A member of CARD MRI in the Philippines. Its thrust is in line also with CARD MRI’s goal of ending poverty in the Philippines.


“This is the manifestation that humanity knows no race. It doesn’t define CARD MRI as a foreign corporate entity but rather who we are as Filipino,” said Flordeliza L. Sarmiento, CARD MRI Managing director.


“My sincerest congratulations to the management of CARD Myanmar especially to its funders for spearheading the successful event. I am proud that wherever CARD goes, we always bring with us and spread our family spirit core value,” she added.


CARD Myanmar is looking forward to extending more social development supports apart from the financial services it provides in the country. “More social development efforts will be implemented in the coming years not just to the elderly communities but to every local community in the country,” Leron concluded.

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