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 - ​Refresher Courses

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 - ​Computer Literacy Training Program


CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED offers programs which are designed to develop and improve the current skills and practices of both clients and employees. These training programs offer teachings on business and life skills topics.


These are the training programs specialized for training and preparation for CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED employees. Each program is designed to cater to the specific position for an efficient learning session. Courses under this are the following:

 - Account Officer Ready for Poverty Eradication

 - Branch Manager Training Program

 - Admin Personnel Training Program

 - Credit with Education Training of Trainers

 - ​Financial Management and Internal Control Training Program

 - ​Computer Literacy Training Program

 - ​Information Security Awareness

Enhancement Courses

These courses equip the CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED employees with supplementary knowledge that would aid them in the conduct of their work. Courses under this are the following:

 - Culture & Values Training Program/ Workshop

 - Customer Care Service

 - Personality Development

 - Early Fraud Detection

 - Computer Literacy

 - Bridging Leadership

 - ​Signature Verification

 - Risk and Legal Aspects

 - Client Relations and Management

 - Effective Staff Management

 - ​Hold-Up and Robbery Risk Mngt

 - Team Building

Business, Health and Life Skills Training and Local Study Tour for CARD MFI Clients

Keeping in mind that learning occurs in various avenues, CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED also offers other ways of learning such as the Credit with Education and the Learning Journey (CARD units or offices, as well as successful CARD MFI clients). These avenues of learning provide also give them a chance to immerse with the clients of CARD, giving them a more concrete idea of the undertakings of the company.

Training and Exposure on Microfinance and Community Development for External Organizations

CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED also offers exposure programs for external groups to CARD Myanmar COMPANY LIMITED and even to CARD MRI in the Republic of the Philippines. The following training and exposure visits to such external organizations are done:

 - Microfinance Management

 - Microinsurance

 - Transformation of NGO to Bank

 - Transition from GROUP to INDIVIDUAL Lending

 - Training of Trainers on Micro-enterprise Management

 - Leadership of Trainers on Micro-enterprise Management

 - Leadership and Governance for Center Leaders

 - Study Tours and Exposure Visits

 - ​Social Performance Management

 - ​Integrated Financial and Non-Financial Services

 - ​Internal Auditing and Financial Control

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